In a Nutshell …

MARIKOKUO.COM is a fashion, travel and lifestyle blog by Mariko Kuo, a Japanese-Londoner and a corporate lawyer working in the City of London.  Mariko hopes MARIKOKUO.COM can become a place where us modern women can feel like self-expression through what we wear can be a powerful tool for success in our careers and life.

The WHY …

Just because we work in a sea of suits doesn’t mean we need to blend in.

When I first started out in the City as a trainee lawyer, I struggled with the fact that I was the only woman in the room on many occasions.  I thought this meant that I should dress in a way which blended in with the rest of the group (i.e. never wear colours and stick to standard designs).  Increasingly, dressing in a way which I thought was expected of me was becoming a source of frustration – it was just not me. My blog started out as a reaction to this approach.  I wanted a place where I could express myself and show what I was really about.  As the blog grew with success, it has turned into a creative outlet for me where I can talk about what I love the most – fashion, travel and my lifestyle in London.

Style for me is a fundamental form of personal expression.  Now, as my blog is relaunched as MARIKOKUO.COM, I want my site to show that us modern women don’t have to dress to fit in.  We should dress first and foremost for ourselves.  Don’t be afraid to wear pieces that make us feel confident and stand out from the crowd.  Basically, what I’m trying to say and what I hope my site can demonstrate is


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