Postcards from the Lake District

The Lake District

A few weekends ago, my boyfriend, Mr Pugington and I went on a whimsical adventure to explore the dramatic landscapes of the Lake District. With our Haglöfs trekking gear and the all important dog biscuits packed up, we drove North to the magical world where Beatrix Potter once called home.  As we switched off from the world, Mr Pugington transformed into ‘Extreme Pug’ and Ron and I immersed ourselves in the great outdoors.

Our three day adventure led to days spent trekking to summits for views of the rugged mountain range and glacial lakes, afternoons exploring abandoned quarries and evenings camping out as we star gazed across the horizon.
The Lake District view Trekking in the Lake District with Hagalofs
Mariko Kuo in Hagalofs trekking in the Lake DistrictThe Lake District viewMariko Kuo in Hagalofs trekking in the Lake DistrictMr Pugington at the Lake DistrictCamping in the Lake DistrictMariko Kuo in Hagalofs trekking in the Lake District

Trekking jackets, shells and backpack | Haglöfs.  Sports sunglasses | Adidas Eyewear.

Photographed at the Lake District by Digital Jiujitsu and Mariko Kuo.