Styling My Looks with Magnum Double Ice Cream

Dare to Go Double

Summer is my favourite season of all in London. As the sun comes out, London transforms into a beautiful city where people seem to be happier and where so many exciting new events seem to be taking place. I also think London becomes even more magical when people are eating ice cream and personally, hearing the tune from the ice cream van always makes my heart skip a beat.

I truly believe there is something mystic about ice creams. No matter how bad or awful a day you are having, ice creams have the ability to lift your spirits up and make your day 100% better. So I was beyond excited to hear about Magnum’s launch of two new flavours for the summer, the Magnum Double range. The exciting new flavours come in Double Raspberry and Double Coconut. I have been trying both ice creams from the Magnum Double range since their launch and have come up with style looks to compliment the two flavours.

Magnum Double Coconut Ice CreamMagnum x Moschino Bag Magnum Double Coconut Ice Cream

Double Raspberry

Magnum’s Double Raspberry is a smooth raspberry ice cream dipped in chocolatey coating, luscious raspberry sauce and Magnum Classic chocolate. It is a divine and indulgent summer treat!

The Double Raspberry is quite punchy with a very luscious raspberry sauce so I think this flavour is perfect for when you are in need of a pick me up to continue through the day. My Double Raspberry look is styled with my favourite boyfriend jeans and a pastel pink blouse, which compliments the colour of the ice cream. I think this look is casual yet chic – perfect for lounging around in your flat or running errands around town.

Magnum Double Raspberry Ice cream Magnum Double Raspberry Ice Cream

Double Coconut

The Double Coconut, which is a velvety smooth coconut ice cream dipped in chocolatey coating and a layer of luscious chocolate sauce, covered in cracking Magnum chocolate. Talk about mouth-watering deliciousness!

I think the Double Coconut has a softer flavour with a very rich, yet smooth coconut ice cream and so my look for this flavour is a girly white lace dress ensemble.

I would love to hear your thoughts on my looks and which flavour you prefer! I love both flavours, but I think the Double Coconut is my preference as the coconut reminds me of tropical getaways and blissful summer days.

Magnum Double Coconut Ice Cream Magnum Double Coconut Ice Cream

Magnum x Moschino

I’m sure you’ve heard already, but Magnum has also been working with Jeremy Scott and Moschino to release a special edition bag capsule Magnum x Moschino. I’ve been wearing the pink bag all around town as it is such a fun and whimsical addition to my wardrobe!

Magnum x Moschino Bag Magnum x Moschino Bag

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