Desk To Dinner with The Fold

How to switch up your office outfit with one or two simple additions

Lets face it, there’s just not enough hours in the day to fit everything in.  Especially with my type of work, it’s sometimes impossible to plan your day and stick to it.  There is always unexpected urgent work that creeps in which inevitably derails my plan for the day.  This is especially frustrating when I have dinner plans which I don’t want to miss.  The ideal scenario is to have a lovely day at work, leave on time, have an hour (or two! if possible) to change outfits, redo my makeup, get my hair styled and have a few minutes to switch off my ‘work mode’ mind.

Sadly, what really tends to happen is one thing leads to another and work commitments means I’m rushing to dinner straight from the office with no time to spare – and no time to change outfits.  I think we all have these sorts of incidents when you have to ‘make do’ with what you already have on.  So today I wanted to share a few tips of mine on how to transform your office look with a few easy steps.

The Fold is a fantastic contemporary London label that is designed for the modern, professional woman.  I absolutely love their collections, which are perfectly designed for 24/7 dressing and can easily be transitioned from the office to evening occasion.  This is why I am so excited to show you some of my favourite pieces from The Fold’s new collection to demonstrate how to dress from desk to dinner!

Look 1 | The Wren Jacket and Trousers

The Wren jacket and trouser combination is a stand out look which is perfect for transitioning from day to night.  This combination is ideal for an ultimate power dressing look for the office and when you need to make a sophisticated statement at important meetings.  Transform this look seamlessly for an evening engagement by adding some sparkly earrings, a chic belt (like this Hutton belt in black patent) and some bold red lipstick.


Mariko Kuo in the Wren Suit by The Fold London


Look 2 | The Connaught Dress

The Connaught dress is the ultimate evening dress that exudes elegance with a touch of playfulness.  The sheer black cuffs give this piece movement that makes you want to dance the night away. This dress is a definite winner for cocktail hour, but can be easily worn to work by adding a decorative collar necklace or a cardigan pulled in with a simple belt.

mariko-kuo-the-fold-connaught-dress-5mariko kuo in the connaught dress by the fold london

Look 3 | The Carnaby Dress and Claremont Coat

With Christmas and New Year just around the corner, embrace the festive season with the Carnaby dress in rich vermilion red. For anyone looking to experiment with their workwear, why not inject some colour with this vibrant, yet classic dress incorporating ruffled cuffs (so on trend!) Make an entrance by combining your Carnaby dress with a luxurious coat like the Claremont in navy.

Mariko Kuo in the Carnaby dress and Claremont Coat by the Fold London Mariko Kuo in the Carnaby dress and the Claremont Coat by the Fold London

Mariko Kuo in the Claremont Coat by The Fold London

Read my Desk to Night Masterclass Story on The Fold’s website here!

All clothing available from The Fold London.

Photographed by Form 42.

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